Limón Serrano
Limón Serrano

How to Prepare Serrano Lemon: The Most Searched Recipe of 2023

Enjoy the refreshing and delicious Serrano lemon salad, a typical dish of Salamanca gastronomy that combines the freshness of lemon with the intense flavor of Serrano ham. This salad recipe is perfect for summer, easy to prepare and full of Mediterranean flavors that will make your palate vibrate. Discover how to make this authentic Spanish culinary delight in a few simple steps!

    Limón Serrano

    Limón Serrano

    Discover how to prepare Limón Serrano, the Salamanca salad that was the most searched recipe in 2023. With fresh citrus, chorizo ​​and a special dressing, this recipe offers a delicious contrast of sweet and sour and salty flavors, ideal for any occasion.

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    Total time




    • 2 lemons

    • 2 oranges

    • 2 eggs

    • serrano ham or 100g chorizo

    • 2 cloves of garlic

    • Extra virgin olive oil

    • Vinegar or red wine

    • salt


    • Preparation of citrus fruits: Peel the lemons and oranges, removing all the skin and membranes to obtain clean segments.
      Limón Serrano Limon cortado
    • Egg cooking: Boil the eggs for 12 minutes, cool them with water, peel them and cut them into small pieces.Huevo cortado
    • Cooking the chorizo ​​and garlic: Brown the chorizo ​​in a pan with olive oil. Then, in the same oil, sauté the garlic cloves cut in half until golden. Crush the garlic with a little oil and vinegar or red wine. (If you are using serrano ham, leave it sliced, preferably raw)chorizo frito con ajo
    • Assembly: Place the lemon and orange segments on a plate. Add the golden chorizo ​​and egg. Dress with the garlic, oil and vinegar or red wine mixture.Limón Serrano


    • Fresh Citrus: Be sure to use fresh lemons and oranges. Peel the citrus fruits completely, removing all the membranes to avoid bitterness and obtain a smoother, more pleasant flavor.
    • Quality Meat: Use good quality chorizo ​​and, if possible, Iberian ham. The quality of the sausages significantly influences the final flavor of the dish.
    • Perfect Dressing: The golden garlic in oil adds a lot of flavor. Make sure not to burn it, as it can make the dressing bitter. Mash it well with the vinegar or red wine for a tasty vinaigrette.
    • Eggs at their point: You can opt for boiled or fried eggs. If you prefer cooked, add a splash of vinegar to the cooking water to make them easier to peel. If you fry them, make sure the yolk is slightly runny to add a creamy texture to the salad.
    • Presentation: Arrange the dish attractively, placing the citrus wedges on the base, followed by the chorizo ​​and egg pieces. This will not only improve the appearance but also the distribution of flavors.
    • Customize the Plate: This recipe is very versatile. You can add or substitute ingredients according to your taste. For example, you can add canned tuna or pork tenderloin instead of the chorizo.
    • Serve Fresh: This salad is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled. Allow all the flavors to integrate by letting it rest for a few minutes before serving.
    • Add Fresh Herbs: Herbs like parsley or cilantro can add an extra fresh touch.
    • Spicy Touch: If you like it spicy, add a little chilli or ground red pepper to the dressing.
    • Crispy Texture: You can add toasted nuts or croutons for extra crunch.

    Nutritional information

    • Calories 300kcal
    • Carbohydrates 20g
    • Protein 15g
    • Fat 20g
    • Saturated fat: 5g
    • Sodium: 700mg
    • Fiber 5g
    • Sugar 10g
    • Vitamina: C 60mg
    • Calcio: 80mg
    • Iron 2mg
    Ingredients to prepare Serrano Lemon
    Ingredients to prepare Serrano Lemon

    Serrano Ham and its health benefits

    Eating the serrano lemon salad can provide several health benefits due to the ingredients that make it up. Here are some benefits of this recipe:

    1. **High content of vitamin C**: Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is essential to strengthen the immune system and fight diseases.

    2. **Low in calories and saturated fat**: Serrano ham, in moderate quantities, provides lean proteins and healthy fats, which can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    3. **Rich in antioxidants**: Both lemon and serrano ham contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body, which can help prevent chronic diseases and premature aging.

    4. **Hydration**: The high water content in salad ingredients, such as lemon and lettuce, helps maintain good hydration, which is essential for the proper functioning of all body systems.

    Enjoy this delicious salad while taking care of yourself and enjoying its health benefits!

    Happy Girl Eating Serrano Lemon
    Happy Girl Eating Serrano Lemon

    History of the Serrano Lemon

    Serrano lemon salad is a recipe that combines fresh and tasty ingredients, but it does not have a specific history or deep-rooted tradition. However, the ingredients that make it up have interesting origins:

    – **Lemon**: Lemon is a fruit whose cultivation dates back thousands of years in Southeast Asia. It was used both as food and for its medicinal properties. Over time, its use spread throughout the world and today it is a fundamental ingredient in many kitchens.

    – **Serrano ham**: Serrano ham is a typical product of Spanish gastronomy, especially in the mountainous regions where pork was cured to preserve it. Its tradition dates back centuries and has become one of the most emblematic products of Spanish cuisine.

    By combining these ingredients with other fresh ingredients, such as lettuce and tomato, a tasty and refreshing salad is created that combines citrus flavors with delicious serrano ham. Although it does not have a specific history, this recipe has surely emerged from creativity and the pleasure of combining delicious ingredients to create unique and delicious dishes. I hope you enjoy exploring and savoring this salad!

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