lasagna berenjena
lasagna berenjena

Zucchini and eggplant lasagna

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Zucchini and eggplant lasagna is a healthy and delicious option for pasta lovers. This vegetarian recipe is made up of layers of roasted zucchini and eggplant, interspersed with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese. It is baked until the cheese melts and served hot. A delicious way to include more vegetables in your diet!

Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty option to surprise your guests or enjoy with your family, look no further. Our Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna recipe combines the freshness of vegetables with a delicious blend of cheeses, creating a dish full of flavor and texture. The mild flavor of zucchini and eggplant is enhanced by a homemade tomato sauce, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. Interspersed layers of roasted vegetables and grilled cheese blend come together to form a comforting and nutritious lasagna. Plus, this recipe is a great option for those looking to cut back on carbs or avoid pasta. Get ready to enjoy a lasagna that will captivate you with every bite and leave you wanting more!

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  • 2 units of large zucchini

  • 2 units of large eggplants

  • 1 unit of big Onion

  • 3 cloves chopped garlic

  • 1 can of peeled diced tomatoes (400 g)

  • 2 Tablespoons of olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon of salt

  • 1/2 teaspoon of pepper

  • 1 teaspoon of Dried oregano

  • 1 teaspoon of dried basil

  • 1/4 Cup of grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1/4 Cup of Ricotta cheese

  • 1/2 Cup of grated mozzarella

  • 1 unit of egg

  • 1/4 Cup of fresh basil leaves


  • Preheat the oven to 200°C.
  • Cut the zucchini and eggplant into thin slices and place them on a baking sheet.
  • Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Bake the vegetables for 10 minutes, or until golden and tender.
  • In a large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat.
  • Add the onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes, or until soft and fragrant.
  • Add the diced tomatoes, oregano and basil. Cook over medium-low heat for 15 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened.
  • In a bowl, mix the parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, mozzarella and egg.
  • In a baking dish, place a layer of zucchini and eggplant slices. Cover with a layer of tomato sauce and then with a layer of the cheese mixture.
  • Repeat layering the vegetables, tomato sauce, and cheese mixture until all ingredients have been used.
  • Cover the lasagna with aluminum foil and bake for 25 minutes.
  • Remove the foil and bake for another 25 minutes, or until the lasagna is golden and bubbly.
  • Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Decorate with fresh basil leaves.
  • This Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna recipe is healthy, delicious and easy to make.


  • Choose fresh zucchini and eggplant: Opt for firm zucchini and eggplant, without spots or wrinkles on the skin. This will ensure that the vegetables are at their optimal flavor and texture.
  • Even slices: Try to cut the zucchini and eggplant slices as uniform as possible. This will help them cook evenly and look attractive in the final presentation.
  • Roast the vegetables before assembling the lasagna: By baking the zucchini and eggplant slices before assembling the lasagna, you will achieve a more tender and flavorful texture. Plus, roasting will enhance the flavors of the vegetables.
  • Homemade tomato sauce: Preparing a homemade tomato sauce will give a fresh and authentic flavor to the lasagna. If you don't have time to make it from scratch, choose a good quality tomato sauce for the best results.
  • Add herbs and spices: The dried oregano and dried basil in the tomato sauce will give it a touch of delicious aroma and flavor. If you prefer, you can use fresh herbs instead of dried ones to intensify the flavors even more.
  • Cheese mixture: The combination of parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese and mozzarella will provide creaminess and an irresistible flavor to the lasagna. Make sure to mix the cheeses well to obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.
  • Cover with aluminum foil: Covering the lasagna with aluminum foil during the first part of cooking will prevent it from browning too much on top. This will allow the ingredients to cook evenly and stay juicy.
  • Let it rest before serving: Once the lasagna is ready, let it rest for at least 10 minutes before serving. This will allow the flavors to settle and will be easier to cut and portion.
  • I hope these tips help you get a delicious zucchini and eggplant lasagna. Enjoy your food!
Zucchini and eggplant lasagna

Instructions to prepare Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna:

The Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna recipe offers a series of health benefits that make it a nutritious and delicious option. This tasty version of lasagna, which replaces the pasta sheets with zucchini and eggplant, provides numerous nutrients and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the key benefits of this recipe:

Reducing calories and carbohydrates

  • Traditional lasagna is usually high in calories and carbohydrates due to the pasta used as a base. By replacing the pasta sheets with slices of zucchini and eggplant, you significantly reduce the number of calories and carbohydrates in each serving. This may be beneficial for those looking to control their caloric intake or follow a low-carbohydrate diet.
  • Higher fiber content: Zucchini and eggplant are vegetables rich in fiber, which contributes to digestive health and maintaining a feeling of satiety. Fiber helps regulate intestinal transit, prevents constipation and can contribute to weight control by providing a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

Nutrient abundance

  • This plant-based recipe provides a wide variety of essential nutrients. Zucchini and eggplant are sources of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A and several B vitamins. In addition, they are rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which play an important role in muscle and nerve function.

Antioxidants and phytonutrients

  • The vegetables used in this recipe contain antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are plant compounds beneficial to health. These compounds help protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation, and have been shown to have positive effects in preventing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Healthy ingredient options

  • The recipe also includes ingredients like olive oil, ricotta cheese, and fresh basil leaves, which provide healthy fats, protein, and additional flavor. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. Ricotta cheese is a source of protein and calcium, while fresh basil leaves add flavor and provide antioxidant compounds.

En resumen, la receta de Lasaña de calabacín y berenjena ofrece una alternativa saludable y deliciosa a la lasaña tradicional. Con su reducido contenido de calorías y carbohidratos, mayor contenido de fibra y una amplia variedad de nutrientes, esta receta promueve una alimentación equilibrada y contribuye a una mejor salud en general. Además, su inclusión de ingredientes saludables proporciona beneficios adicionales


Other data of interest:
  1. Ingredient versatility: The zucchini and eggplant lasagna recipe is very versatile and lends itself to incorporating other ingredients according to your preferences. You can add layers of fresh spinach, sautéed mushrooms, or roasted peppers to increase the variety of flavors and nutrients.
  2. Vegetarian and gluten-free option: This recipe is a great option for people who follow a vegetarian diet or who want to avoid gluten. By eliminating wheat pasta and using only vegetable ingredients, zucchini and eggplant lasagna becomes a gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly option.
  3. Advance preparation: This recipe can be made ahead, making it a convenient option for planned lunches or dinners. You can assemble the lasagna ahead of time and refrigerate it until ready to bake. Plus, leftovers keep well in the refrigerator and can be enjoyed as lunch or dinner the next day.
  4. Additional accompaniments: You can serve the zucchini and eggplant lasagna with a fresh salad or with toasted whole wheat bread to complement the dish. A green salad with lemon vinaigrette or a side of bread with olive oil and garlic can further enhance the flavors of the lasagna and add additional texture to the menu.
  5. Adaptation to your preferences: If you want to customize the recipe even more, you can experiment with different types of cheeses, such as crumbled goat cheese or grated cheddar cheese, for a distinctive touch. You can also add additional fresh herbs, such as thyme or rosemary, to highlight the herbal flavors.

Remember that these are only suggestions and you can adapt the recipe according to your tastes and needs. Enjoy culinary creativity and try different combinations to make it even more special!

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